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Tryst with God’s own country

It is not a euphemism, it sure is God’s own country! And I present here only a portion of the Paradise we were in, during the less than 24 hours stay abroad our house-boat wading through the beautiful backwaters in Allepey (Allapuzha), Kerala. I had one of the worlds best but defunct camera (canon 5d … Continue reading


Endlich my FührerSchein (German Driving License)

Here is another long post to hopefully help & encourage  many of us who are likely going through the same challenge of getting your Indian driving license converted to the German one. I started my journey in July 2020 with practical classes, having done Theory exams and other formalities in first attempt. I thought yeah … Continue reading

Monsoon odyssey to Munnar

Munnar is a a beautiful hill station  on the Western Ghats of the Indian state of Kerala.The name Munnar is believed to mean “three rivers”, referring to the town’s strategic location at the confluence of the Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers. The heavy monsoon had given bath to the entire hills making it a verdant oasis. Munnar is no where in sight, … Continue reading

My friend Anne

Me, Myself & Camera – Happy Valentine’s day

My first love- Photography 🙂 . .reposting on Valentine’s Day!  In 1986 in class VIII while struggling with my meagre pocket money, all I knew was that Photography was an expensive hobby. I would envy some of my friends who had a Kodak-35mm film camera (some Rs.700 piece with just the capability to point & … Continue reading

Think before you click!

Quick Quotes: Ansel Adams “I expect to be broke if I keep up the rate I am taking pictures. I have taken 30 already.” Ansel Adams in a letter to his Aunt Mary Perhaps this would not be so unusual a statement if Adams was talking about his large format camera. However, he was only … Continue reading

Sunday 9pm at 11th Floor

It was an ordinary evening, I had just dropped my 8 year old to the keyboard classes and I saw strong beams of light moving around in the night sky. A spectacle I had only seen in the United States when I had been to my company’s New Year party. Curiosity took the better of … Continue reading

Have a safe & Happy Diwali

As we live today on this beautiful occasion of Diwali- the festival of lights. Here’s a happy & safe Diwali to all of you 🙂

Head turning Photography!

Ya, if you turn your head and focus on the head of the people around you. You will be surprised to see in how many different ingenuous ways people cover their heads. The official formal way ofcourse is to wear “The Hat”. And the “Hat” itself avatars in millions varying in color, shape, form, texture, … Continue reading


Little babies are always fun to watch. Here are some simple clicks of their innocence..

Being an Astronaut: Childhood dream

As a school going kid, space travel fascinated me. I envied my Mom when she told me that in 1969 they were live witness to the Apollo’s 1st moon landing on their TV sets. In 1980s in absence of even a TV or a library in my small town all my questions were largely unattended. … Continue reading