Debutant Photographers

Happy to be the teacher on the Teacher’s Day to a gang of 11 wannabe photographers.

The debutant photographers!

Yeah, me fotographer!

Every photography workshop has been an experience, this was no exception! There is lot of energy in newbies and it also reminds me of my humble beginnings. And, it also tells me that how much I may have evolved there is still so much to learn. Yet, you do get appreciated for the work you have done! Thank you my wonderful to-be-photographers. I wish you the very best as I also dedicate some of this pictures I have from the field trip on the penultimate day.

All strapped for photography

Boot strapped (for photography)

The not so happy with the shot look isn’t difficult to find, but it was an opportunity for another photographer (me) to document the candid moment.

Not the shot I had in my mind.

The Lotuses at the pond don’t surprise us, but we were definitely startled to see a reptile of not the fearful type.


S(Turtle)d us

Digital Photography gives you the option to review your shots, so why not check if I indeed got what I wanted?

Photo Reviews her shot

Did I get it, Right?

Determined to get the distant object, photographer’s often are one-eye blind to get the frame to your satisfaction.



While trying to get the light on to the sensor the photographer themself presented a lovely enlightened sight.

Photographer in action

En-Light(en)ed Photographer

The photographers making their debut is always a good beginning..

Debutant fotographers

The black birds in the bright light against the dull background din’t provide a good contrast for the photographer but they were royally posed and were letting us take pictures in our sweet time.

Grotesque birdies

I have begun my photography quest and I’m now a proud photographer. Do you see that in me?

Proud Photographer

Happy to have the privileged presence as the instructor in the group of budding photographers

Privileged Instructor

“Develop the Photographer’s eye and Aim it right!” The kick boxer seem to remind us as the two hour field trip ended at the gate of Lotus pond.

Aim it right !

Ofcourse the ubiquitous National flower of India.

The ubiquitous lotus

India's National Flower- The Lotus

6 Responses to “Debutant Photographers”
  1. Lisa C. says:

    Love your photos, as always!!!! Lisa C.

  2. love all of the photos … must have been a real fun workshop…

  3. DEBASISH says:


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