Riddle me

Wiki makes it easy for us. It says,”Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of visual references to the world.”. Yes we are talking about abstract photography and that isn’t the riddle.

Yes, indeed the photos are abstracts as in what you immediately see isn’t what is necessarily the subject in the picture. At times there is a delayed gratification of figuring what happened, sometimes even that is not possible. It just represents a visual manifestation of the photographers mental image of the idea. Photography’s essential feature is to show existing objects and any photograph is always some kind of visualization of reality. So the most important thing is how we see and what kind of thinking process it generates. Even if the image is strict representation of its target shot, it can be an abstract. So there are two levels, first is the surface of the image (what is the physical representation) and the other is the deeper dimension (what is the mental representation).

Let’s have some fun figuring out what we are looking at in the photos?


#1 - The Tree!


#2 Curves


#3 Help


#4 Flow


#5 In the clouds


#6 Rock Solid



#8 Against the sun


#9 Incorrect Expression


#10 Time Machine


#11 Space Ship

The following image is a space filler so that you don’t hit the answers right away. Top view of a branch lots of thorns.


Ok, here goes the answers

#1: Reflection of a tree on the roof of a car
#2: Window sill of an aircraft
#3: Wheel chair
#4: Fish swimming in an aquarium taken at low shutter speed
#5: Reflection of an electric pole/clouds on the roof of a car
#6: Coconut tree bark
#7: Out of focus image of several cups and other objects that is being pointed to.
#8: What you see as the sun is actually a lens-flare, and ofcourse dancers against the light.
#9: Tree against a fine net of a fence.
#10: Travellator-camera sitting on the floor while it moved for half a minute
#11: Water tank.

Hmm? So how many did you get right? Irrespective you definitely got motivated for doing some
abstract photography?

3 Responses to “Riddle me”
  1. only one-#1: Reflection of a tree on the roof of a car

  2. Pramod Reddy says:

    No 10 is brilliant.

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