The Scenic Mirik


Tourist places seemingly present an irony. The famous must see places at any of the tourist spots are infamous very soon. Yeah, everyone reaches there and it is crowded and a visitor yearns for a natural comma in their brief journey of life called Holidays. Mirik is a picturesque tourist spot thriving in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal in the foothills of the Himalayas. Mirik presents absolutely gorgeous views of mountain landscape carpeted with tea plantations.

Mirik is about 45 km from Siliguri and as we approach the climb via Dudhia the level earth view is as breath taking.

The plains, Mirik

The plains as as beautiful, near Dudhia

As you move up mid-way you reach the beautiful viewing stop:

Viewing Gallery, Mirik

And no stop is great without a canteen too:

Way-site Motel, Mirik

Ofcourse, I should bring your attention to the wonderful views around me then:

Majestic View

Majestic View, Mirik

Tea Plantation, Mirik

Scenic Tea Gardens, Mirik


Where Heavens & Earth Meet, Mirik

Mirik Bungalow, Mirik

Meandering roads , Mirik

The center of attraction is the Sumendhu lake surrounded by a garden on one side and pine trees on the other, linked together by an arching footbridge called Indreni Pull (Rainbow Bridge).

Scenic Lake, Mirik

Scenic Lake, Mirik

The bridge on the beautiful lake, Mirik

3.5 km walk around the lake, Mirik

And ofcourse the pony rides & long walk around the lake:

Pony rides at Mirik

The long walk, Mirik

And then we were heading home middle of the day. And so was this woman who had done her bit for plucking tea leaves that day.

Mid-day to work

You should definitely consider rendezvous with Mirik if you are in that part of the world!

3 Responses to “The Scenic Mirik”
  1. arvind says:

    gr8 bhai

  2. ashishsubba says:

    very nice most beautiful natural beauty …. very nice like fell me like heaven …. most beautiful amazing ….

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