Featureless beauties

Sea or sky?

Simple, featureless and yet powerful that’s Silhouettes for me! It is a wonderful way to convey mystery, drama, emotion, mood to the viewer. And often this is possible under very ordinary light conditions. Silhouettes are fun and worth exploring because there is scope for lot of creativity. And oftentimes you can play with the subjects selectively profiling and leaving a part to wonder about.

In the slide show you can run through some two-dimensional pictures that conveys multi-dimensional imagery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ofcourse, if you don’t like to slide with the show, you can click your favorites in the maze below:

Enjoy, and do share your tryst with creating “featureless beauties”

2 Responses to “Featureless beauties”
  1. AT says:

    liked all of the photographs and their titles..

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