Sunday 9pm at 11th Floor

It was an ordinary evening, I had just dropped my 8 year old to the keyboard classes and I saw strong beams of light moving around in the night sky. A spectacle I had only seen in the United States when I had been to my company’s New Year party. Curiosity took the better of me and I climbed to the 11the floor terrace with my camera. I discovered that they were searchlights from the Hi-Tex,Hyderabad the exhibition facility.

Long exposures at night are fun. It was a beautiful sky despite the moon out of site(sic)  and planet Jupiter right above my head! Yeah, it so happens that at this moment in the timeline of the Universe it is indeed right up there. But the photography shots I’m going to share with you captures the 270 degree world around my building at about 9pm.

As we pan from the southern most point you can sneak a view of the wonderful machinery of the construction activity at Lodha Estate.

ISO 200 f11 30 Lodha Estate Night Cranes (South view)

A little to the right and you have the top-view of the MMTS Hi-Tech City station flanked to the left by the tall Lodha Estate Towers.

ISO 100, f13 Lodha Estate to the left (South view)

Notice the cyber towers in the background and on to the right the flyover under construction. A gaping hole right above where the rail way line crosses. What I like most are the series of light along the tracks next to the MMTS station.

ISO 50, f13, 30 Beautiful Lights

As we move south-west we have the Hi-Tex Exhibition center. Look carefully you will be able to spot the search lights in the sky! They weren’t strong enough to leave a good impression 🙂

ISO 50 f13 30" Hi-Tex Exhibition Center

And if we go wide in that direction, we get a good view of the Indu Township. You maybe able to spot a walkway on the left and independent houses on the far right.

ISO 100, f13, 30" Wide View Indu Township

We were looking at West where the sun sets, now we turn our attention to the right that leads us to the beautiful road outside the Malaysian Township (Rain Tree Park) and also the beautiful curve presented by the series of towers in the township.

ISO 400 f13 25" Path to Heaven?

ISO 100 f13 30" Rain Tree Park

While I love the beautiful night sky and as you can see in all directions the skyline is still very thin. In years to come the construction activity would block all the views and I hope some day we look at this pictures and say- wow! You know what happened to the water tank?

10 Responses to “Sunday 9pm at 11th Floor”
  1. I liked the Lodha View Pics,( both of them) and the last one Rain Tree Park view, with water.
    They are catchy to my eyes, and I can see something in them…that only I can understand.. 🙂

  2. Lovely cityline at night.. well captured

  3. Eva says:

    I liked your picutres especially Rain Tree and Path to Heaven, it was a WOW for me…… Cool shots!

  4. swapna says:

    wow the way to heaven may b just like this who knows…i really love this..

  5. Amit says:

    Nice click Anil…hopes to share more in near furure…

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