Think before you click!

Quick Quotes: Ansel Adams

“I expect to be broke if I keep up the rate I am taking pictures. I have taken 30 already.”

Ansel Adams in a letter to his Aunt Mary

Perhaps this would not be so unusual a statement if Adams was talking about his large format camera. However, he was only 14 years old when he wrote the statement above, and he was referring to his Kodak Brownie camera. It makes one realize just how different things are today, with our rapid fire digital cameras that could knock off 30 frames in just a few seconds. What hasn’t changed, however, is that the number of frames shot doesn’t mean anything, just the quality of the image content. When you can’t shoot as much, you have to think more about every frame….which is generally a good idea!

Ansel Adams - Courtesy:

Hoover Dam- Ansel Adams Courtesy: Wikipedia commons license

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5 Responses to “Think before you click!”
  1. AT says:

    beautiful pictures and practical advice…

  2. I remember my joy and astonishment when I first used a digital camera – it had a slot for inserting Floppy disks and I bought a dozen so I could take,what I then thought was unlimited pictures 🙂

    • Anil Singhal says:

      Interesting, I jumped into the bandwagon much latter, when digital pictures were stored on memory cards 🙂 . But, I do remember my first ever digital picture was of me & my wife Ranjana, almost after marriage in Chennai at some exhibition. He took some 30 bucks to take a picture and give it to us on a floppy drive 🙂 . 20 bucks was floppy charges I think 🙂

      Have you ever used a 5 inches or 8 inches floppy drive rather than the more common one 1.44 M 3 1/2 inch

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