Tryst with God’s own country

It is not a euphemism, it sure is God’s own country! And I present here only a portion of the Paradise we were in, during the less than 24 hours stay abroad our house-boat wading through the beautiful backwaters in Allepey (Allapuzha), Kerala. I had one of the worlds best but defunct camera (canon 5d Mark II) , that was refusing to take pictures other than with manual focus and the lowest aperture (f4.0 / f3.5), and fully manual mode. But the spirit of the place and the photographer mind in me found ย new ways to capture the world around me. The combination of wide lens (17mm-40mm) / and a long lens (70mm-200mm) both at f4, gave different perspective of the world around me!

Each boat had a character, a personality, the panorama around me with coconut trees, muddy water, hyacinth floating, villagers in canoes, rain & sun playing hide-seek, all provided enough cannon for my canon ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

Reliving myself as I write this and also for you to enjoy..

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