Anil Singhal is a free-lancer, self-taught photographer raised in Siliguri, West Bengal.  Despite a Msc (Physics)  at IIT, Kanpur & M.Tech(Microelectronics)  at IIT Bombay & also  an entrepreneur  he find himself specially drawn  to  photography.

Just here to bring nice people together and make it a better world to live. Crazy about aircrafts & fast cars!! Fancy photography, advocate spiritualism. Thanks for visiting and hope you find something worthy of reaching here.

The long story about me is here

Please check my other blog too : http://anilsinghal.blogspot.com

A little achievement in the early days of learning photography with their (NYIP) course:

NYIP Award

NYIP Award

4 Responses to “About”
  1. Gowri Matha Gudimetla says:

    Anil Jhee !

    Hmmm ……… Every person’s auto biography is a scripture in itself, if presented in the right way. And you have proved this fact once again through your blog by penning down urs [may be a l’le of it , if not the entire flavour] 🙂 as it conveys a lot apart from your hobby.
    Interesting …………..

    May God gift you his eye to freeze his own creation. Best of luck.

    Happy freeeeeeeeeeeeezing 🙂


  2. Rajkumar says:

    Hi Anil… My wife wants to learn photography. She can speak telugu only. Please advice. Thanks Rajkumar 8341175446. rajkumar_hai@yahoo.com

    • Anil Singhal says:

      Thanks for you interest in the photography workshop. I’m afraid I only know English/Hindi so won’t be much help .
      If she is really keen, she can go for photowalks with groups like:


      and learn from talking with other beginners.

      Also, I don’t know of anyone who would be doing similar course & all the more in Telugu. There are courses by
      Photriya ( you can search on the net), but that is very expensive.

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