Singapore Jurong’s birdies

Beautiful birds at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. I don’t remember the names of each of them but you would for sure wouldn’t want to miss their sight despite. Ofcourse, if you know the name do let me know.. Enjoyed? Advertisements


For once I was happy that I had to climb four floors to reach my sister’s apartment in Pune as the trip upstairs was a quick lesson in “Unity in Diversity”. All the fourteen apartments in the building left on their main door a signature of the residents Faith. And, it was interesting to note … Continue reading

Sea or sky?

Featureless beauties

Simple, featureless and yet powerful that’s Silhouettes for me! It is a wonderful way to convey mystery, drama, emotion, mood to the viewer. And often this is possible under very ordinary light conditions. Silhouettes are fun and worth exploring because there is scope for lot of creativity. And oftentimes you can play with the subjects … Continue reading


The Scenic Mirik

Tourist places seemingly present an irony. The famous must see places at any of the tourist spots are infamous very soon. Yeah, everyone reaches there and it is crowded and a visitor yearns for a natural comma in their brief journey of life called Holidays. Mirik is a picturesque tourist spot thriving in the Darjeeling … Continue reading

Riddle me

Wiki makes it easy for us. It says,”Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of visual references to the world.”. Yes we are talking about abstract photography and that isn’t the riddle. Yes, indeed the photos are abstracts as in what you immediately see … Continue reading

The King

The Underrated Point-n-Shoot (P&S) Camera

Digital photography for me began with a really humbe looking 4-megapixel Canon PowerShot s45 point-n-shoot digicam that cost me $800 in 2004. (Compare this to the fact that today you can get DSLRs for $600). And this was followed by a marginally better 5-megapixel Canon PowerShot A95 P&S.  But I had clicked about 5000 pictures … Continue reading

Circle of love

Do I need a DSLR?

Consider this!   My first digital camera was a 4 megapixel Canon Power Shot S40 compact camera  priced at  $800 in 2001. I had clicked about 5000 pictures with the S40 in just six months knowing the camera inside out and was never done with it! The affordability and curiosity of a D-SLR made me own my … Continue reading

Debutant Photographers

Happy to be the teacher on the Teacher’s Day to a gang of 11 wannabe photographers. Every photography workshop has been an experience, this was no exception! There is lot of energy in newbies and it also reminds me of my humble beginnings. And, it also tells me that how much I may have evolved … Continue reading

Back to School

I often imagine myself as that 9 year old studying in class IV and reminiscing those wonderful days. I always loved being in school and I wouldn’t miss out a day of schooling even when I had fever or heavy rains would potentially inundate our classrooms. A visit to my daughter’s school always brought wonderful … Continue reading

Rendezvous Charminar